Vapor Trails; The Young Guns

With Alexander Ovechkin’s big switch of equipment suppliers, he is now following in the footsteps (and skates) of his closest friends and teammates. The VAPOR family of skates from Bauer Hockey have been around professional hockey long before our Young Guns, all four of whom have settled into them during their NHL careers.


Backstrom, Green, and Semin had their best years wearing the Vapor series; will the GR8?


We pick up the story in 2006-2007, with Russian sniper Alexander Semin wearing the fourth Vapor offering, the Vapor XXX. Semin has been Bauer gloves to skates since entering the league, but his skates are the only piece to remain loyal to the Vapor family. Sticks and gloves have largely switched between Vapors and Supremes, his sticks always the latter. Semin’s career high of 40 goals came in Vapor XXXXs, which have been worn by both Backstrom and Green as well.

Before his switch to Reebok Hockey, Mike Green sliced across the ice from the back end in these Vapor XXXXs. His goal scoring streak of eight straight games, along with his career high of thirty one goals, came while sporting his Vapors. While I’m unaware of the reason for his swap to Reebok, let us hope he can return to Vapor wearing form after an off year in 2011.

Vapor born and bred, I don’t expect to see Backstrom changing anytime soon. A Vapor boy for the entirety of his NHL career I expect to see the APX series on his hands, in his hands, and on his feet. Backstrom’s improbable 2009-2010 season consisted of a career high 33 goals, 101 points, and the successor to the Vapor XXXXs seen above, the Vapor X:60s.

What will this mean for Alex Ovechkin in 2012 with the Washington Capitals? Judging by his teammates it may be ridiculous to assume a career year, but I do think his new duds will help out his confidence, and in turn, his shooting percentage. Hell, it’s a tough game, but confidence in the 7 inches between your ears certainly won’t hurt.

Ovechkin at Training Camp in Vapor APXs.

Here’s to hoping.


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